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G*mo Podcast #4 – Just because

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G*mo Podcast #3 – Vocaloid & Digital Idols

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On this weeks show we talk about Coke Zero, Digital Idols, Dave’s love of Hinoi Team, Tsunku, and…Aibon!http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/119735/gomocast3.m4a

Intro: Megurine Luka – Stardust Utopia

Ending: Girls’ Generation (Sonyeo Shidae) – Girls’ Generation

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G*mo Podcast #2 – echan’s Figurines!

On today’s episode our Fan Topic is echan’s Figurines. We also have a brief discussion of alcohol and Sakuracon!

Join us on Saturday nights at 11PM Eastern and 8PM Pacific, and record the podcast with us!

G*mo Podcast #2 – echan’s Figurines!

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G*mo Podcast #1 – Hangry looking for my Angry

Download it G*mo Podcast #1.

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